Red, White + Blue Snack Board

Get festive for your backyard barbecue or 4th of July celebrations with with super cute + easy red, white + blue snack board! You can substitute your favorite snacks on here, but here’s what we used.

It also adds a fun patriotic touch if you use a star cookie cutter to cut your farmhouse cheddar into stars and lay them across your snack boards. I got this fun food platter shaped like the United States from Target which is perfect for a snack board like this! But you could also use a charcuterie board, cutting board, or fun serving plate too.

Make sure you have a nice spread of sweet and savory! Adding in meats, cheeses, and a few sweets makes for a nice well balanced snack board! You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to find red foods than it is for blue and white! I had to cheat a bit and add in blackberries to fill in my blue, but you could also add in things like prunes, blue cheese, and grapes. But of course, you need to tailor it to what your group loves. I also tried to make it so I could easily create the board and then put it in the fridge, so I can pull it out when I want to serve it. So I made sure all of the fixings could go in the fridge.


Red, White + Blue Snack Board

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On June 28, 2024
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