Partner Highlight: Barb’s Garden and Pantry

Simple food tastes best. That’s Barb’s Garden and Pantry’s motto, and they are determined to make simple and delicious food, like our grandparents used to.

About Barb’s Garden and Pantry

Barb’s Garden and Pantry started in 2003. Steve and Barb Pethoud are both foodies and had grandmothers and mothers that canned, so canning jam seemed like a good idea to supplement their income. Since then, their team has grown from just the two of them to 17 strong. Their market vendors and production staff are made up of family and friends, also devoted to providing farm fresh, simply delicious foods.

On their 5 acre homestead they grow some of the fruits that are needed for their jams. But with the increase in demand of Barb’s Garden and Pantry products, they have also had to buy fruit from suppliers. They use real sugar in their jams and roasted Virginia peanuts in the nut butters with just a bit of salt. (Our favorite is their chocolate chip peanut butter that you can just eat with a spoon!!).

Barb and Steve have created their own recipes for their delectable jams, nut butters, and granolas. But they also draw from their family and grandparents for inspiration for their products too. Their pickle recipes are a family recipe, and their canned baby beets is Barb’s grandmother’s recipe. “We like making things you just can’t find in the grocery store. We like to make things like our grandmas made, cause if we stop doing that, those recipes and memories will be lost. We are preserving their legacy,” said Barb. Barb and Steve create more than just canned fruits and veggies, they also craft baked goods which recipes originate from their extensive cook book collection.

Hearing why customers love Barb’s Garden and Pantry products keeps Barb and Steve passionate everyday. “We never get tired of hearing: “this jam tastes just like what my grandma made.” And: “I come to this market just to see you.” It’s their hope that their products reminds you of something a family member would make for you as a kid. Food is an essential component of our childhood memories and customers want to enjoy that product again and again for the way it makes them feel (plus, they taste great!).

Where to find their products

You can find lots of Barb’s Garden and Pantry products at Dan and Debbie’s Creamery including: pickled asparagus, pickled baby beets, canned candied jalapeños, pickled horseradish pickles, pickled dill pickle spears, pickled dilly beans, peach praline jam, razzle dazzle jam, strawberry jam, fruits of the forest jam, briar patch jam, granola, chocolate chip peanut butter, plain peanut butter, and honey roasted peanut butter. You can’t go wrong with any of their products! You can also get many of these products delivered straight to your door on home delivery too!

Barb’s Garden and Pantry also has an online store you can visit, or visit them at an upcoming farmers market!

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On July 2, 2024
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