This is Our Story

We are dedicating our lives to provide the freshest most wholesome farm to table products in the area.

Meet Our Team

It’s a family affair!


Dan is the head cheese! He’s the one with all of the ideas and he’s the one that makes it all happen. When he’s not milking cows, in the field, or doing day-to-day farm work he is usually down in the plant helping fill in wherever he is needed.


Debbie takes on more roles than anyone else at the creamery or on the farm. Not only does she take on the role of mom and grandma; she’s the boss. She’s our main milker. She takes care of all of the baby calves. But to most customers, she is known as our ice cream maker extraordinaire. She comes up with the recipes and tweaks them to perfection!

Dustin Takes: Production Manager / Bottled Milk

Josie Rozum: Operations & Marketing Manager

Tyler Takes: Animal Nutrition Manager

Riley Takes: Production Manager / Cheese + Distribution Manager

Brian O’Keefe: Production Assistant + Lab Analyst

Elizabeth Jasa: Retail + Events Manager

Sue Schropp: Account + Fulfillment  Manager

Gary (aka: Buey) Schropp: Home Delivery Driver

Ron Johnson: Home Delivery Driver

The Grandkids: Our Six Ice Cream Taste Testers

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