15 Wacky Facts About Ice Cream

Cookies and Creme, Cookie Dough, Vanilla, Twist, Strawberry- the list of flavors is endless- but one thing’s for sure: everyone loves ice cream. In honor of National Ice Cream Month here are 15 Wacky Facts About Ice Cream.

  1. It takes 3 gallons of milk to produce 1 gallon of ice cream. Since one dairy cow can produce 10 gallons of milk a day, one cow can ultimately produce, on average, 2-3 gallons of ice cream per day! 
  2. The leaning tower of ice cream! The tallest ice cream cone was scooped in Italy and reached over 9 ft tall.
  3. Whoa! Brain freeze! When your mouth gets cold the blood vessels in your brain shrink, and the faster your mouth gets cold the more you feel this contraction. This feeling that you experience is what we call a brain freeze. If you simply cannot stop enjoying your ice cream, you can always combat brain freezing by pressing your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth to warm your blood vessels back up!
  4.  Put it on a cone! The waffle cone made its crunchy debut at the world’s fair in St. Louis, Missouri. 
  5. Ice Cream has always been a treasure. History proves this to be true! George Washing took office as the first president of the United States and made sure that the White house was stocked with ice cream making equipment! Following in his footsteps, Thomas Jefferson created one of the first Vanilla Ice Cream Recipes and served it regularly while in office.
  6. The first ice cream parlor recorded in America was in New York in 1776- a great year for independence and Ice Cream!
  7. Does your ice cream need something more? The most popular ice cream topping is the Classic Chocolate Syrup.
  8. Need something sweet? Behind the chocolate chip cookie, ice cream is the most popular sweet treat in America!
  9. Professional Ice Cream Tasters take taste seriously. When tasting a new flavor they use golden spoons so the metal doesn’t change the taste of the ice cream.
  10. What’s the best flavor? There is large debate over which ice cream flavor is the best, although the most popular flavor in America is Vanilla. 
  11. California is the top producer of Ice Cream in America. Who would have thought all that heat and the beach would mix so well with ice cream!
  12. Ice Cream didn’t get big overnight! It wasn’t until modern refrigeration was invented did people begin enjoying it for every meal for the day!
  13. President Ronald Reagan deemed July National Ice Cream Month in 1984.
  14. We aren’t the biggest fans of ice cream- America is second in the world in ice cream consumption. New Zealand holds first place with an average of 7.5 gallons of ice cream consumed per person.
  15. Stocking up for a sweet day? 87% of American’s have ice cream stocked in their freezer at a given time.

Joni is creating our  limited edition ice cream flavor: blueberry.

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On July 16, 2019
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