What’s in a Name?

Why did the name Dan and Debbie’s Creamery stick? It’s more than just the names of our founders. When it was time to name the creamery we had lots of ideas come about, ‘Creamline Creamery’, ‘Creamtop Creamery’- but something about those just didn’t seem right. We wanted our name to tell a story – to have meaning. Names keep on coming up but they were names that could have worked for any creamery anywhere in the world, but we wanted our name to special and meaningful to us and our customers.

We decided to name our creamery after the dreamers, Dan and Debbie. The people who had this idea over 22-years ago to start a dairy farm and a farmstead creamery that would create small-batch quality dairy products from cow to cone. Dan and Debbie are stewards of the land. They saw potential in a run-down farmhouse with no running water, plumbing, or heat/air because it came with acres and acres of mediocre farmland that later care for and cultivate into rich, healthy soil to grow crops for their animals. Dan and Debbie, along with their six children, worked hard every single day to create a dairy farm and creamery that is sustainable and will last for many generations.

So it may seem obvious why the creamery is named after Dan and Debbie. But to our family, it is so much more than just two names. Dan and Debbie live the dairy lifestyle every day. We put their names on the jug, ice cream, and cheese so when people drink, eat, or enjoy Dan and Debbie’s Creamery products they think, just for a moment, about the hard work that goes into that gallon of milk or bag of curds. We want our customers to know from our name that someone is working hard to produce that dairy product. That gallon of milk required someone going out in the 100-degree heat or below freezing temperatures to milk the cows twice a day. Regardless of if it was someone’s birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, or a Saturday night. 

Hard work, dedication, and a ton of passion and love of farming go into each of Dan and Debbie’s dairy products. It’s an honor and blessing to be able to carry on the legacy that Dan and Debbie have laid forth. And it’s our hope as you enjoy some of our products you think of them because they are so remarkable and are so deserving of any credit.

So the next time you see Dan and Debbie’s logo on a product in the grocery store, we hope you stop and think about all the work and time that went into creating that delicious ice cream, milk, or cheese.

Debbie bottle feeds the calves every morning and every night.

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On July 6, 2019
Tags: Creamery, diary, farm, fresh, history