Stay Healthy Back at School

School is about to gear up again, how can you stay healthy while being busy? Each of our dairy products, yes even our ice cream, is a great way to fulfill your daily dairy requirements and stay healthy all school year long. 


Our cream top milk is non-homogenized meaning that the cream naturally rises to the top. This is the most natural way to consume milk, since it is the least processed we can make it! Whole milk can also reduce overeating, since the higher fat content causes you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. However, all milk, whether it’s skim, 2% or whole is packed with nutrients. Milk also stimulates strong bone health and prevents osteoporosis. Which is great for growing children.


Not a fan of multivitamins? Try a cheese curd, or two, or three! Squeaky cheese curds are a fun, fresh way to consume calcium and important vitamins. Cheese contains high amounts of Vitamin A and B12, along with zinc and phosphorus! Not to mention our squeaky cheese curds are the perfect snack on the go to fight hunger cravings or a fun addition to your lunch.


Cube our cheddar cheese to help reduce heart disease! Aged cheese has a positive connection with cardiovascular health! Eating cubed cheddar cheese can also improve your dental health! A pH level below 5.5 can cause your teeth to begin eroding and become more prone to cavities. Consuming cheese can increase the pH in your mouth and protect your teeth against cavities! Cubed cheddar is a great addition to your school lunch and tastes extra delicious with crackers or fresh fruit.


Who here has a sweet tooth? We’ll you’ll like to read this. Chocolate Milk is the perfect post workout drink for athletes. Chocolate milk provides quality protein which athletes need right after a workout. Since it contains all 9 amino acids it can be considered a “complete” protein. Chocolate milk also boosts muscle loss and repair after exercise– plus it’s delicious! For those of you who have active kids that need something to refuel with, chocolate milk is the way to go!


And finally, ice cream, the tastiest way to enjoy dairy! School can become stressful at times and ice cream is prone to creating smiles and good feelings! Although ice cream is higher in fat it does still have calcium and is worth it and is a great way to celebrate good grades and all of your accomplishments throughout the year!


We wish everyone going back to school this fall a healthy, fun, and dairy-filled school year!

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On August 19, 2019
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