BLOG: Just a bump in the road

A message from Josie:

It was our first holiday season in the new milking barn and oh how nice it was for the cows and for us. We are still very much hands on and required to be outside morning and night to check on the cows, but we did get to experience that little bit of flexibility in our schedule that allows us to spend a bit more quality time with family. Between Christmas and New Years we have had sixteen baby calves so a great deal of training new cows and caring for new calves has taken up much of our time the last two weeks. With farming there will always be things that you’re not able to plan for.

With Christmas and New Years falling on a Friday, our production, distribution and home delivery schedules were different than normal so we were looking forward to getting the new year under way and settling back into a bit of routine. Routine is good for us, but we also need to have a bit of flexibility because life requires the ability to adjust and make changes on the go.

Yesterday was one of those days when life threw us something we weren’t expecting. While outside working on a zero-gravity flip gate, made of steel, the gate came swinging around hitting dad in the head, leaving about an 8 inch laceration to the skull running an inch or two above his eyebrow and back to the crown of his scalp. A four hour ER visit, eighteen staples, two internal stitches later, a clean cat scan and good blood work he was discharged at about 7:30 p.m. last night and is doing great. Understandably, he has a headache, but is in great spirits like always.

His calm demeanor and ability to “just deal with things as they come” is such an appreciated mindset to have when something like this happens.

Although this year has had a rocky start we know there are great things to come and we are excited for ya’ll to be a part of it.

  • Posted by Josie Rozum
  • On January 3, 2021
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