The Perfect Post Workout Drink

If you’re like me, after a hard workout I am craving a drink stead of something to eat. I’m tired and my muscles need something to rejuvenate them. 

There are so many options when it comes to post workout drinks, but one of the best things you can give your body after a hard workout is milk. Some studies have even concluded that milk is a better hydration drink than traditional sports drinks or water because of its natural electrolytes, carbs, and proteins. 

Essential nutrients you get from milk:

  • Protein – The biggest reason most people want a post workout drink is for the added protein. Milk provides natural, high-quality protein to build lean muscle. 
  • Calcium – Calcium maintains and builds strong bones, which is especially important in weight and resistance training.
  • Potassium – Nobody likes a muscle cramp. Milk provides adequate potassium which can maintain healthy blood pressure and muscle contraction.
  • Iodine – A commonly lost nutrient in sweat, Iodine plays a key role in metabolism and protein synthesis. Milk is the perfect option to replenish iodine after a long strenuous workout. 
  • Vitamin D – Milk has roughly 15% of your daily requirement of Vitamin D, which works alongside calcium to build and maintain bones, as well as reduce stress fractures.

Chocolate milk is the perfect post workout drink because it provides all the essential nutrients you need replenished after your workout, is easily digestible in the body, and it’s an on the go snack. Not to mention it’s tasty!

Stop by the creamery and get our farm fresh, cream-top chocolate milk in gallons, half gallon, or pints for after your next big workout!

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On June 2, 2023