Partner Highlight: Betty Jane Candies

If you haven’t enjoyed a delicious candy from Betty Jane Candies in Dubuque, Iowa you must give them a try!

Betty Jane Candies has been creating sweet treats in Dubuque, Iowa since 1938! While their business has grown substantially since their humble beginnings, Dubuque still remains their headquarters, production facility, and candy store today!

In the time they have been open, they have achieved many milestones and won a multitude of prestigious awards in the candy industry. They were voted Best Candy in the tri-state area for the past 20 years straight! Betty Jane Candies has also been named the top culinary gift in Iowa and the top 50 in the nation! Betty Jane Candies ships their candies from coast to coast, and even overseas to reach their customers.

You can find their delicious Betty’s Bites and Gremlin Snackers at our creamery store in Ely!

Their signature Gremlins are available in a snack-able size in a resealable pouch! Made with pecans and their homemade caramel, covered in our special blend of milk chocolate! Their Betty’s Bites are made with pretzels, Gremlin Caramel and Betty Jane Milk Chocolate topped with Sea Salt, and they are the perfect blend of salt and sweet!

Both candies are great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, Valentines Day, or just because!

Visit their website to learn more:

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On December 5, 2023
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