Partner Highlight: Bobb Family Farm

We love to highlight other family farms that are making an impact with their stewardship and Bobb Family Farm in Fort Madison, Iowa is doing just that!

With five generations of shepherds, the Bobb family is rooted in the sustainability of environmental stewardship and animal husbandry, so they can tend a flock of 150 ewes.

“Raising sheep has been a multi generation tradition in our family,” said Zach Bobb, “Our meat business however, just recently came into fruition over the last few years as a way for my wife and I to add value to our small family farm as beginning farmers in a world of rapidly escalating production costs.”

But Zach and his family see their sheep farm as more than a business, but as a lifestyle for their family. “We absolutely love a tasty grilled Lollipop Chop, but more important to us is the way that our daughter’s face lights up every time we feed the “Baa’s”.  It’s an environment to raise our family in that we are incredibly thankful to have.”

The Bobb Family also focus on environmental practices like pasture management. They converted farmland previously used for intensive row crop purposes to hay and pasture rotations that allow them to maintain minimal erosion and to increase the organic matter content of the soil. “It sounds so simple to talk about improving soil health, but the million different approaches to increasing soil, plant, and animal health during every season of the year keep us constantly learning and evolving as shepherds.” It’s new ideas like these that keeps Zach and his family passionate about what they are doing every day.

Bobb Family Farm sells their lamb product exclusively to various local retail stores, including at Dan and Debbie’s Creamery. We stock their ground lamb in our meat freezers and can deliver it to your door with our home delivery service!

Visit their website to learn more:

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On January 23, 2024
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