Partner Highlight: Grazing Goat Dairy

We have some pretty amazing partners! And we think you would love a Grazing Goat Dairy’s caramel sauce!

Grazing Goat Dairy has 140 dairy goats on their farm. 100 of these are currently being milked, and 40 are yearlings that will join the milking herd this year. In addition to dairy goats, they also have 20 meat goats on their farm.

“Growing up, we had a couple neighbors that milked dairy goats.  I would be their relief milker when they went on vacation. That’s what sparked our interest in goats,” said David Shindelar, owner of Grazing Goat Dairy in Waucoma, IA. “We eventually phased out of raising hogs and converted many of the hog buildings into goat barns.”

Grazing Goat Dairy is a century farm, and they intend to keep it that way. “Farming is full of challenges and making our caramel sauce helps us diversify.  We’re trying to build a business that the next generation can step into as well,” said David.

Their creamy and flavorful caramel sauce is addicting! It’s cooked over several hours in a traditional copper kettle. “I hope our customers appreciate the amount of work and care that goes into every jar of caramel sauce.  We keep our ingredients as wholesome and natural as possible.  Every batch is hand stirred and made with our own fresh milk to ensure the finest quality,” said David. If you haven’t tried their caramel sauce, you are missing out! They are always working on new flavors and size options for their caramel product. Currently they offer original, cinnamon, bourbon, and vanilla flavored caramel.

It’s especially yummy on ice cream, brownies, apples, or coffee! But our favorite way to enjoy Grazing Goat Dairy caramel sauce is over a scoop of Dan and Debbie’s Ice Cream! You can find Grazing Goat Dairy’s original, bourbon, and cinnamon caramel sauce at our creamery and their original caramel sauce is available for home delivery!

Beyond our creamery, you can also find Grazing Goat Dairy’s caramel sauce at New Pioneer Coop in Cedar Rapids, Country View Dairy, WW Homestead Dairy, numerous apple orchards in the fall, and on their online store. The best way to contact Grazing Goat Dairy is via their facebook page or by visiting their website:

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On February 2, 2024
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