Cream Top Milk

Product Description

There is nothing more farm fresh than cream line milk! Cream line milk is the most natural form of milk. Our bottled milk is produced with traditional practices with the least amount of processing. It is pasteurized like other milk found on store shelves, but it is not homogenized.

Homogenization is a high-pressure process of breaking up fat molecules in cream to such a small size they dissolve into the rest of the milk. Non-homogenized milk allows the cream to naturally rise to the top as nature intended it.

Because of that be sure to give your milk a good shake before you drink it. Or skim off the cream and use it in your coffee or over some fresh berries.

Our milk is currently sold in pint, half gallon, and gallon containers. We offer full-fat milk (whole milk), full-fat chocolate milk, a part-fat milk (2% milk) and no-fat milk (skim milk). We also offer fresh cream in pints.

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