10 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market season is among us. Last week, we attended our first farmers market of the 2018 season in downtown Cedar Rapids. It was a special Memorial Day Weekend market. We kicked off the market season with a bang, selling out of our white cheddar cheese curds, pints of chocolate milk and chipotle cheese curds.

We hope that you will make your way down to a local farmers market this season to check out the amazing producers and growers our community has out there. You will regularly find us selling farm-fresh dairy products at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer’s Market throughout the season. Our booth is located on 2nd Ave SE, just across from Need Pizza.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Shop at the Farmers Market:

  1. Buying Local: Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture and local business.
  2. High-Quality Products: You can find a variety of fresh products that are typically grown and produced on a much smaller scale. This allows much greater control over the product that is being sold.
  3. Supporting Local Economy: You are supporting the people in your community and the local economy. Your money is staying in your area allowing a more vibrant community with more small business.
  4. Eat Seasonally: You are enjoying the freshest produce from a direct source while it is in season.
  5. Safer Foods: Typically, products sold at a local farmer’s markets are handled in small batches with less processing and no chemicals, making it safer to consume.
  6. Freshness: The food from your local farmer’s market is fresher. There is a good chance it was made or picked the day or two prior to the market because it was produced or grown locally.
  7. Great Variety: We can’t speak for all markets, but the downtown Cedar Rapids Farmers Market is spectacular. It has a variety of locally-made products, and there is no shortage of amazing unique producers and growers.
  8. Better Taste: There is no doubt that locally-grown foods simply taste better.
  9. It’s Healthy: Farmer’s markets may have their fair share of sweet treats, but those homemade items are made with real ingredients and no preservatives, making them a better option. At the end of the day eating fresh, locally-produced food is the healthier option.
  10. Markets are Fun!: Farmers markets are just plain ‘ol good fun for the whole family. To be around thousands of people all coming together to support local business, local agriculture and their local community make you feel good about your buying choices.
  • Posted by Josie Rozum
  • On May 30, 2018