How we dream up ice cream.

Ice cream season is among us. In the production room that means a little extra hustling and bustling. When we started making ice cream the plan was to make ten flavors.


At the time we were overwhelmed with starting an entirely new business, on top of the rigors of the farm that ten signature flavors were all we felt we could commit to.


Well, a lot has changed in the last five years.


Ten flavors grew into nearly one hundred different flavors that we rotate throughout the year.


So — how do we decide what flavors to make and when to make them? We break down our ice cream production calendar into months and usually have about 3 “seasonal” flavors each month of the year to highlight. For example, in February, in observance of Valentine’s Day, we do Red Velvet and Razzle Dazzle. Both flavors have red and pink tones that fit well with the theme of that holiday. But, color isn’t the only thing that we look at when planning our year we also look at textures, flavor, tones, colors, etc. (ie: fruity vs savory; crunchy; crunchy vs smooth, etc.)


It’s important to us that our ice cream by the scoop offers a variety of different colors, textures, flavors, and combinations so there’s something for everyone when they stop in the store to visit.


Now, ice cream production doesn’t just stop with what we have penciled into our calendar for every month. We are constantly trying new flavors. When trying out a brand new flavor we don’t really have a set formula on how we do it or when we try it. If we dream up flavors we can make it the next day, if we have the ingredients of course. Being a small facility we have great flexibility with what we make and try as far as flavors. It’s part of the reason that the ice cream making process is so fun (and tasty). Right now, we are experimenting with a few new flavors that we are excited about and are coming out later this Spring and Summer — one of which is inspired by our Maeve (Dan and Debbie’s 5 year old granddaughter) and her love for unicorns.


It’s easy to get caught up on your “favorite” flavor when you come to visit us but we always encourage people to step outside of their box to try new flavors because you never know when you’re going to have a “new favorite.”

Our three professional taste testers make sure the ice cream flavors are perfect before we launch them!

  • Posted by Dacey Johnson
  • On April 28, 2021
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