See where the magic happens: Creamery Tours

It’s tour season at the creamery! And our calendar is filling up with some amazing groups coming in to see what we are doing here at the creamery! Giving creamery tours is one of the best parts of my job. I love meeting new people and sharing our story with all ages, young and old!

When I give a tour of our creamery, it’s my goal to leave groups with a better appreciation of dairy products and farmers! I love fielding questions about how we care for our cows, how we craft our products, and the most popular question: what’s my favorite ice cream flavor we make (it’s strawberry cheesecake if you were wondering!). But in all honesty, it is my hope that I can provide groups with an insight into how our dairy products are made, and what’s so special about what we are doing here at Dan and Debbie’s!

It’s my ultimate goal to teach everyone something new, and that’s probably what I hear most commonly from groups that come on a tour with us. Almost everyone says, “I had no idea you did so much here!”

I tend to customize my tours to the group – both by age and interest. I don’t have any favorites– I have given tours to groups of kindergartners, retirement groups, family reunions, corporate groups, 4-H and FFA groups, and everything in between! But what I love the most about giving tours is that no tour is ever the same. Everyone gets interested in different things, and in an hour’s time it’s hard to talk about all of it, but I love the conversations that we get into.

And I have to say, I also greatly enjoy fielding questions from groups. The ‘toughest’ ones always come from kid’s groups, interestingly enough! My favorite question I have ever been asked was from a kindergartner on a school field trip. I asked if anyone had any questions about how we take care of our cows and one young girl raised her hand and asked, “How does Dan know if the baby calf is a boy or a girl?” I had to keep myself from giggling as I quickly responded, “Dan has been doing this a long time, and so he can know just by looking at a baby calf if it’s a boy or a girl!” And a few of the teachers let out a big sigh of relief.

Most people say the best part of our creamery tour is the taste testing! Everyone who comes on a tour gets to choose a scoop of ice cream in a dish from our dipping cabinet with 16 of our hand crafted ice cream flavors. While they enjoy their ice cream they get to watch a video of our cows on our farm being milked in our robotic milkers, and see all the robotics that we have in our dairy barn.

So all in all, I hope that all groups who join us for a tour at tour creamery leave with a new appreciation for the dairy industry, and a new favorite flavor of ice cream!

If you are interested in learning more about our creamery tours, visit our tours page! See you soon!

  • Posted by Elizabeth Uthoff
  • On March 13, 2024
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